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Services and tips for: Spas
57 Results
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Spa repairs
Club Piscine Super Fitness offers a wide range of hot tub services including servicing and repairs.
Spa closing
Club Piscine Super Fitness offers you the spa closing services.
Opening and closing pool or spa?
Looking into opening or closing your swimming pool or spa on your own?
Spa opening
Here are the services offered when our specialists open your spa…

Did you know that normal evaporation does not cause substantial water loss or necessitate constant refilling of a swimming pool ?

Extend your outdoor evenings?
Recipe to extend your outdoor evenings and entertaining
Winter Spa Splendor
Indulge yourself with the ultimate experience of a thermal bath in that most magical setting that only those mild winter days can bring, when the gently falling snowflakes practically float in the air!
S.O.S cell phone!
Help! My cell phone fell into the pool!! What should I do??
Swim spa
See the benefits of a swim spa!
Did you know that non chlorinated shock treatments exist?
Helpful Spa Tips
Here is information about spa maintenance.
Choose a spa
Usable year-round, the spa or hot tub, has become a must-have these days! There’s a huge range of models available—so how to go about choosing one, you ask? We help take the mystery out of spa selection.
Purchase a spa

There are several steps that must be completed before the delivery and installation of your spa.

Hot tub buyer's plan advice
See some steps of a spa installation.
2016 In Shape magazine
View our In Shape magazine, featuring our new Biotonix promotion, last minute gift ideas, natural weight, training equipment maintenance and travel essentials!
Electrical safety
Does your swimming pool or spa meet installation standards concerning electrical safety?
Spa safety tips
Follow these safety recommendations to ensure a safe usage of your spa.
Chemical products
Here are a few recommendations on safe handling chemical products.
Courses and training
Did you know that we offer FREE information seminars? Our experts are always eager to share their knowledge relating to pool or spa operation and maintenance.