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Services and tips for: Garden Furniture
31 Results
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Installation and assembly
You can count on us for a wide range of assembly and installation services for your garden furniture, swing set, sun shelter, fitness equipment, and more!
To keep warm…
To stay warm this fall here are a few suggestions.
Family Pavilion

It's easy to turn any gazebo into a family retreat by using simple and effective ideas.

Garden Furniture Care

Besides all cleaning products available to maintain your outdoor furniture in good condition, here are some tips and advice.

A special get-together this autumn
For a most welcoming ambiance, you could suspend or spread several lanterns around on your tables or even on the ground. Set up a cozy corner to warm up by the fire, then add a patio heater and a few cuddly blankets for those guests who tend to get chilly, and you're all set!
Extend your outdoor evenings?
Recipe to extend your outdoor evenings and entertaining
Sun Shelters
We offer four types of garden shelter: the canvas shelter; the shelter with rigid roof; the solarium-type shelter; the permanent shelter. Which one is for you?
Tips for a stylish garden decor!
Here are some deco tips for a stylish garden decor of your own style and taste.
May 2016 - Lookbook Magazine
View our 2016 Lookbook, featuring our new garden furniture collection, a variety of pools, a luxury spa, fitness tips and our 25th Anniversary Contest!
2016 In Shape magazine
View our In Shape magazine, featuring our new Biotonix promotion, last minute gift ideas, natural weight, training equipment maintenance and travel essentials!
Lookbook 2017
View our Lookbook 2017, featuring our new garden furniture collection, a variety of pool maintenance tips, a new spa, pool workout routines and how to shop for outdoor furniture!
Clean your umbrella

Your umbrella, which protects you so well from the sun's rays, is subjected to all sorts of elements, such as the sun, of course, but also rain, pollen, leaves and bird droppings that can leave stubborn stains. But how should you clean your umbrella?

2018 In Shape magazine
We presents you the NOHrD Watergringer, we talk you about energizing yoga and much more!
Materials for your patio furniture!
Do you know which materials are used in garden furniture?
The perfect steak on BBQ

Quick, easy and delicious; the perfect grilled steak every time.

Maple barbecue sauce

Quick, easy and delicious; the perfect grilled steak every time.

Salmon steaks with sesame and soy
An elegant dinner doesn't have to take hours to cook; this incredible dish is ready in minutes and so easy to prepare.
Grilled corn on the cob
No mess, no fuss, do not husk! Great way to cook for a corn roast.
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Grilled asparagus is an excellent side dish for a variety of dishes. Salty ham, creamy cream cheese and asparagus combine to create a winning trifecta of flavours that will undoubtedly impress your guests.

Bob's chicken drumstick
To celebrate the arrival of the BBQ in store, Bob the chef was on hand to cook three recipes inspired by the series where meat, fun and spices are in the spotlight.