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Services and tips for: Fitness
49 Results
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Fitness repairs
Club Piscine offers a wide range of services including fitness equipment maintenance and repair as the treadmill, the elliptical trainer, stationary bike, rower, home gym, and stepper.
Could you work at a treadmill desk?
Sitting all day is not good for your health or your physical fitness. So, would you be ready to try a treadmill desk?
For long-term weight loss…
Should you choose aerobic or resistance training? Read the article to learn more.
Best time for a workout?
Here is what we found out.
Rowing Technique
To carry out the movement properly and avoid injury, it is important to adopt the right technique while using the rower. Here it is!
Rowing machine : muscles use
To find out which muscles are used while using a rowing machine, read our article.
SMART goals
Setting clear and precise goals is the best way to get motivated and setup the needed structure to help you keep your resolutions, and succeed. Here's how.
Pool Routines
For the summer months, we suggest 2 exercise routines you can do in the pool. To mix workout and fun, you can easily do these exercises with the kids !
Exercises in the Pool
For the summer months, we suggest these exercises that you can do in the pool.
Swim spa
See the benefits of a swim spa!
Muscular Pain?
Do you have an uncomfortable pain, but aren’t sure whether you should apply heat or an ice pack? Here is a little guide to help you choose.
Type of exercise
The following table will assist you in setting up a custom-made fitness program based on your personality, and own needs.
Exercise ball workout: Legs
Here are a few leg exercices to do with an exercise ball.
Choose the right exercise ball
To optimize your exercises with a ball, you must choose the one that suits you best!
Optimum twosomes!
There’s nothing like teaming up with a friend or a family member to maintain your motivation and perseverance while exercising.
Exercise ball : arms and back
Need exercise ideas to tone your arms and back?
Abdominals exercises
The exercises ball promoting balance (stability), muscle mass, stamina, flexibility, and focus.
Try this stretching exercise for your back while sitting.
Exercising with kettlebells
Here are 15 exercises to do with the kettlebell.