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Swimming pool Maintenance calendar
A simple routine for clean and sparkling pool water!
Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

A simple 10 minute routine per week for sparkling spa water and unparalleled experience!

New 2018 Garden Furniture Collections.
Jacuzzi Products
After more than 60 years redefining the conventions of the industry, we made our mark by being an innovation driven company on the cutting edge of technology.

Every product we build is based on our core business values : Design, Innovation and Performance.
NOHrD Products
Original NOHrD products are more than mere pieces of sports equipment- they embody all aspects of functionality, design and sustainable manufacturing. 
Above ground pool Closing
To facilitate opening your pool in the spring, we recommend that you close your pool as late as possible, ideally when water temperature reaches about 10˚C (50˚F). However, keep the pump cycling to prevent it from freezing up (for instance, by using a timer at night time).
Garden Furniture Care

Besides all cleaning products available to maintain your outdoor furniture in good condition, here are some tips and advice.