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Water analysis

Description of chemical products

produits chimiques
  • Ingredient : granular sodium carbonate;
  • Use : when pH is too low. Add product directly to water.
  • Ingredient : sodium bisulfate;
  • Use : when pH is too high. Add product directly to water.
  • Ingredient : granular isocyanuric acid;
  • Use : conditions water and increases chlorine effectiveness.
  • Ingredient : powdered sodium bicarbonate;
  • Use : increases total alkalinity and stabilizes pH.
Liquid hydrochloric acid
  • Use : reduces total alkalinity and lowers pH. To be used with maximum protection: gloves, safety glasses. Be careful with stainless steel accessories, they can rust if they come in contact with the acid.
Calcium Plus
  • Use : increases water hardness to the required level.
  • Use : for regular chlorination of your water as often as necessary.
Liquid chlorine
  • Use : for regular chlorination of your water or as shock treatment. Handle with care.
  • Use : concentrated stabilized chlorine in large sticks covered in plastic. Use in skimmer and remove plastic covering from the basket when the stick has completely dissolved. Never put into a chlorinator or floater.
  • Use : eliminates bacteria in water. Must be used with a brominator.
Chlorine pucks
  • Use : for regular chlorination of your water. Must be used with an automatic dispenser.
  • Use : shock treatment for swimming right away. Does not contain chlorine. Restores brightness and clarity to water. Activates chlorine and bromine, doesn’t affect pH.
Liquid 15% algicide
  • Use : makes liner upkeep easier and prevents algae bloom.
Liquid 40% algicide
  • Use : prevents algae bloom and destroys persistent algae. Never put algicide in the skimmer if you have a chlorinator or Duration Sticks, for you run the risk of causing a chemical reaction.
Clarifying liquid
  • Use : coagulates suspended particles. Improves filtration and produces sparkling clear water. Add directly to water.
Liquid closing concentrate
  • Use : increases water pH and helps water stay clean all winter.
Liquid opening concentrate
  • Use : quickly removes the ring around the pool in spring.
Liquid copper, scale and iron control
  • Use : neutralizer that eliminates minerals that might oxidize when chlorine is added.
Granular alum
  • Use : coagulates suspended particles. It affects pH and must never be in contact with filter sand.
Super liquid antifreeze
  • Use : prevents pipes from freezing during the winter.
Vinyl cleaner
  • Use : to remove grime rings from your pool and clean all your accessories.