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Water analysis

Cloudy water?

Cloudy Water
Club Piscine Super Fitness is here to help you determine the cause, reason and solution to your water problem.

Cause :
  • Dead algae in suspension;
  • Start of algae bloom;
  • Bacterial matter in suspension;
Reason :
  • Inadequate filtration;
  • Solar blanket left on too long;
  • Not enough algicide;
  • Not enough chlorine;
  • Alkalinity too low or too high;
  • PH too low or too high;
  • Reaction between two chemical products;
Solution :
  • Check filter;
  • Do not leave the solar blanket on the pool more than 48 to 72 hours, depending on the temperature;
  • Add algicide;
  • Add chlorine;
  • Adjust alkalinity;
  • Adjust pH;
  • Follow the steps for testing water;
To obtain a more accurate and complete analysis, visit us TODAY! Make analyzed your pool water for FREE to ensure your well-being and for people around you! Our water treatment specialists will give you the right time on the quality of your water and can, by the same to give you tips and tricks to remedy it, if necessary.