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Water analysis


The potential of hydrogen, or pH, is the measure of acids and bases in the water.
The more bases are in the water, the more basic it is and the higher the pH. The fewer it contains, the more acidic it is and the lower the pH. Ideal pH is between 7.2 and 7.6. You must not confuse acidity related to alkalinity with acidity related to pH. Alkaline acidic water is corrected with sodium bicarbonate (Club Piscine Super Fitness Alkalinity) and water that is pH-acidic is corrected with sodium carbonate.
  • To increase pH : use Jacuzzi pH+.
  • To reduce pH : use Jacuzzi pH-. Hydrochloric acid is not recommended as it will also lower the alkalinity.
Note : When the alkalinity is unbalanced, chlorine no longer has an effect and the water becomes cloudy. When you adjust the pH, you must wait 24 hours before adding any other chemical products to the water.