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Water analysis

Salt chlorinator

Salt Chlorinator
When you have a salt chlorinator, your pool water must have a salt concentration around 3000 ppm.
Make sure you check the salt concentration weekly using the test strips specifically designed for this. You will ensure your chlorination cell is functioning at its best and avoid expensive damage.If the situation persists, see a representative at your Club Piscine.
How to calculate the quantity of salt required for your pool :
40 000L of water : 500ppm = 1 bag of 20 kg / 3000ppm = 6 bags of 20 kg
60 000L of water : 500ppm = 1.5 bags of 20 kg / 3000ppm = 9 bags of 20 kg
80 000L of water : 500ppm = 2 bags of 20 kg / 3000ppm = 12 bags of 20 kg
100 000L of water : 500ppm = 2.5 bags of 20 kg / 3000ppm = 15 bags of 20 kg