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Water analysis

How to calculate the volume of water in your pool?

Water volume
It is important to know the volume of water in your pool to facilitate its maintenance. This allows you to choose the right filtration system, the right cleaning robot, the right heat pump to heat your pool and the right quantity of cleaning products to use.
The volume of water is calculated in cubic meter (m3) and can be easily converted to liters. For example, a pool of 1 m3 = 1000 liters of water. We suggest that you round up your figure. For example, 1.1m3 (1100 liters) would become 2m3 (2000 liters) or 1.7m3 (1700 liters) would also become 2m3 (2000 liters).
Precision for height measurement; you should measure from the bottom of the pool to the surface of the water and not up to the height of the pool.
If you have a pool with different depths, take the smallest measure + the largest measure and divide into 2. You will have the average depth.
Square or rectangular pool
Length x width x average depth
Round pool
Diameter x diameter x average depth x 0.78
Oval pool
Length x width x average depth x 0.89
Round Free form shaped pool
Length x width x average depth x 0.85
Free Form pool
"Cut" your pool into simple square or round shapes. Calculate the volume of each shape and add the volumes together.