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Tips and advice

Winter Spa Splendor

winter hot tub 
Indulge yourself with the ultimate experience of a thermal bath in that most magical setting that only those mild winter days can bring, when the gently falling snowflakes practically float in the air!

Imagine “tubbing” while winter creates those magnificent landscapes, blanketing the ground with white snow, delicately coating every branch, wire or obstacle on the road with ice that sparkles in the light. Lie back and watch the ice and snow slowly melt away above you.
For maximum ambiance, consider setting out a few candles or “tiki” torches around your spa area. Arrange a few lounge chairs around a patio heater or a small outdoor fireplace, for when you need a break between those alternate dips in the snow and in the spa. Prepare a thermos of hot green tea to sip while you relax and build up those positive energies.
A magical experience that is yours to enjoy in the comfort and intimacy of your own private oasis: your backyard…