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Tips and advice

A special get-together this autumn

September is by far the most spectacular month in this country as mother-nature presents a breathtaking display of colors while the leaves turn their brilliant hue.
So why not invite family and friends to take a front-row seat to this captivating scenery in your own backyard using autumn and its colorful foliage as your main theme?
Of course, various items in fall colors and shades of orange, yellow, and brown is the perfect starting point, but throw in some green as well since our fir trees remain green year-round!
For a most welcoming ambiance, you could suspend or spread several lanterns around on your tables or even on the ground. Set up a cozy corner to warm up by the fire, then add a patio heater and a few cuddly blankets for those guests who tend to get chilly, and you're all set!
Oh yes, also remember that with a colorful September, comes harvest time... apples, pears, cucumbers, beets, garlic, peppers, leeks, and many more. So get inspired and use them to dress up a fabulous table, prepare tasty finger food, or make it a seasonal meal!
Now, all that's left to do is send us an invitation!