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Tips and advice

Things to do in the pool

Fun things to do in the pool this summer. For yourself or to entertain a group of children.
Here are some activities to do in your pool this summer. Whether with family or to entertain a group of children, these aquatic activities will distract you! Youngest can develop new skills in improving immersion, movement and synchronization in the water. And for the young at heart, strength exercises to perform in the water to tone up or spend a little energy, smoothly and refreshingly! Enjoy!
Activities for children
The pirate :
This game needs 2 to 3 teams, one small floating mat (boat ) per team, and numerous objects that can sink to the bottom of the pool. The objective is to dive for, and pull into the boat as many objects as possible. The team with most objects wins.
Depending on the kids age group, more fun could be had if each player is assigned a number, and one or more numbers are called out at the same time.

Sprint races:
Equipment: none!

Participants must cross the swimming pool as fast as they possibly can either running forward or backward; either by leaps and bounds like a frog with their hands behind their back or on their hips; or while going under some object.
Improves submersion, and water mobility and synchronization.

Mr. Lalue’s statues :
Equipment: none!

One designated player, Mr. Lalue, must touch each player in order to freeze him or her in place like statues. Statues must raise their arms in the air so they can be clearly identified. The other players can touch the statues to release them from their frozen state.
Improves water mobility.
For adults
Strengthen those thighs and abs :
Equipment: 2 foam noodles

While in a sitting position with noodles held up by your underarms, bring your knees up to your chest, then stretch them forward raising both heels above water.

Sets: 15

Aquatic Jumping Jacks
Equipment: none!

Starting position: bring your feet together, and slightly bend your knees.

Jump while stretching your legs wide apart laterally, and simultaneously bring both hands together overhead. Repeat in the reverse direction to return to your initial position with arms by your side.

Sets: 15

Firm up your buttocks
Equipment: none!

Stand straight up by the side of the swimming pool and stretch one leg behind you (or in diagonal), then bring it back to its initial position. Repeat with the other leg. Option: you can increase the effort by pushing your leg forward.

Sets:15 per leg
Many more activities are yours to imagine! They can derive from the above examples, if not simply by making with minor adjustments or variations. Fun and laughter will fill your backyard and cheer up the neighbourhood.
Have a great summer!