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Tips and advice

Abdominals exercises

The Exercise Ball, also referred to as the Swiss Ball or the Stabilizer Ball, is well known for its wide range of exercises targeting every major muscle group and promoting balance (stability), muscle mass, stamina, flexibility, and focus.
The main objective of the ball is to destabilize, thus demanding a constant state of balance resulting in a super workout for all your muscles engaged in balance and posture. Depending on the chosen exercise, the abs are most often engaged since they are the main muscle group responsible for good posture.
It's specifically this muscle group that we target to provide you with a thorough abs workout as you perform the following exercises :
Crunch - Legs Elevated
Start slowly by laying down on your back and resting your legs on the ball at a 90 degree angle. Perform upward, then lateral crunches.
Redressement au sol
Reverse Crunch
Hold the ball firmly between your lower legs then bring your knees to your chest, before slowly lowering the ball. Repeat a few times for best results.
Redressement inversé
Ball Crunch
Lay your lower back on the ball and, similarly to the crunches performed while resting on the floor, tighten your abs to lift your upper body up followed by sideways lifts to develop your oblique muscles. Add intensity to your workout by holding weights close to your chest, or stretch your arms forward at shoulders’ height for even greater intensity!
Redressement sur le ballon
Lateral flexing
Lay your upper body sideways on the ball with your lower knee on the ground, and your upper leg extended outward. Using the ball as your main support, lift-up then lower your upper body.
Flexion latérale
The table top
This stability exercise requires a bit of caution as you take position with your forearms atop the ball. Hold the position as long as possible!
La planche
The pass
Lay down on the floor, lift the ball held firmly between your lower legs, and pass it up or grab it with your hands while tightening your abs and keeping your arms stretched out above your head as you lower your legs and back to the floor. Repeat the same motion in reverse order and grab the ball with your feet before laying back on the floor again.
La passe