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Tips and advice

Garden Furniture Care

Besides all cleaning products available to maintain your outdoor furniture in good condition , here are some tips and advice.

Furniture made of metal :
For furniture made of aluminum, steel, cast aluminum or cast iron, use a mild soap solution, about 1/4 cup (62.5 ml) in 4 liters of warm water and rub with a soft cloth, sponge or other material that will not leave lint. Rinse with water and blot the surface until it is dry. For furniture made of metals that can rust, it is better to store them in a dry place to slow the onset of rust.
Synthetic wicker Furniture :
The furniture made of synthetic wicker, requires only occasional cleaning with water and mild soap. It is recommended to store it during the winter and limit sun exposure.
Wood Furniture :
To keep a nice appearance, the wood must absolutely be dyed annually, with products recommended by the manufacturer. Wooden furniture should be stored inside in the winter because they resent cold and moisture.
Glass table :
For glass tables, it is important to keep away from the snow because the weight of snow can break the glass.
Synthetic wood :
For the synthetic wood furniture it is important to use a cleaner/protector for this purpose.
Cushion :
If your garden furniture is made of materials mentioned above and included cushions, remember to remove these before preceding the cleaning of the structure! Several cushions are dressed in a washable cover. To clean the covers, you can wash them by hand in cold water with mild soap and hang to dry. If you can’t remove the material covering your pillow, just wash the surface with a damp cloth.

It is recommended to store the cushions when not used. By cons, do not store the cushions still wet and do not store them in sealed plastic bags. To keep their original appearance, it is recommended to protect them from the sun.
General Recommendation :

For all your furniture, avoid strong detergents and abrasive type cleaners. Never use cleaning solutions solvent based.

Cover your furniture

We recommend a waterproof breathable fabric cover to prevent leaves and other debris to collect on or between the cushions to avoid the appearance of spots due to decomposition of natural debris. Squirrels like to store nuts between the cushions! An organic repellent is available in many garden centers to help keep them away.

Seal your furniture

The stone and wood surfaces can be sealed during the winter to prevent absorption of water. Water can freeze and cause small fractures which, without damaging the structure may become annoying over time. Teak becomes gray in the winter unless it is lacquered or oiled. This is not necessary, but some owners prefer to keep the blonde or natural color of teak.

A car wax applied to metal furniture will help keep the finish in good shape during the off season. Never apply in direct sunlight or on a really cold day. Apply according to directions on the wax container.

Winter season

Autumn arrived, it is recommended to protect your outdoor furniture from winter climate. The first thing to do is clean your furniture. It is recommended, if possible for you to store your furniture protected from the weather, in your shed, your garage, garden shed, 4 seasons gazebo or in the house. Otherwise, cover your furniture with a quality cover, or regroup them under a large quality tarp, held by weights and straps. Make sure the covers or tarps are adjusted. You must ensure that your furniture does not come into contact with water. Also check if snow or water clusters are formed, if that is the case, shoveling your furniture and remove the accumulated water to avoid that there is too much weight on your furniture. Store them in the regular upright position so that moisture inside the frames can escape. This practice prevents freezing in cold temperatures and reduces the likelihood of expansion, cracking or breaking in the metal.

Following the recommendations listed above will help you to preserve the appearance and increase the life of your furniture.

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