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Tips and advice

Helpful Spa Tips

entretien spas 
Since spa water temperature is normally held at 27 degrees Celsius (80°F), its balance is the first major parameter you need to monitor closely, to ensure the durability of your spa and its installation.
Maintaining any spa water well balanced requires a different formula for every owner based on the number of users, usage and spa location, besides various other factors. Unbalanced water could easily be caused by fluctuating temperatures and different bathers. Hence, the importance to analyze your water regularly, a service offered free of charge at all Club Piscine Super Fitness stores.

Ideal parameters are :
  • A pH level between 7.2 and 7.6;
  • Total alkalinity between 80 and 150 ppm, or 120 ppm at best;
  • Water hardness anywhere from 150 to 280 ppm.
The benefits of a good maintenance :
  • Your water will be well balanced;
  • Avoid plumbing corrosion, as well as shell and equipment chipping;
  • Avoid skin and/or airways irritations;
  • Ensure better performance of all water treatments.
Adjust the pH simply by using pH+ or pH- based on your need. Similarly, you may use Alkalinity+ or Alkalinity-to maintain proper alkalinity. On the other hand, water hardness can be adjusted by adding either calcium to increase it, or Contrôle COP or other pertinent products to eliminate metals from your water.
Ideally, you should plan on changing your spa water every 3 months and cleaning the filtration cartridge under running water every week, in addition to using a cartridge cleaning solution every month.
Other maintenance :
  • Clean your spa shell with a cleaning solution designed for this purpose. This will protect your spa shell and maintain its luster.
  • Clean your spa cover inside as well as outside to avoid unpleasant odors, and prevent moisture from developing. Likewise, it is recommend not to leave the cover in place for more than two consecutive days.
  • Remove all visible rubbish.
Few tricks :
  • Every spa user should rinse off prior to entering the spa. This will minimize soap and oil residues from bathing suits, skin and hair.
  • Provide a water-filled tub next to the spa for bathers to rinse off their feet.
For optimum comfort and double pleasure :
  • Maintain your spa water below 37 degree Celsius (98,6°F), the same as normal body temperature, in order to allow comfortable bathing for longer periods of time.
In winter time :
  • Preheat towels and/or bathrobes in your dryer and keep them in a cooler by the spa. A sure way to keep towels warm and ready when you step out.
  • Load up on warm headwear to maintain ears comfortably warm all winter long.
In summer :
  • In summertime, a coat hanger could be most practical for hanging towels and/or bath robes.
  • For bathers of a smaller stature, inquire about the various sizes of spa pillows available in store, thus ensuring full usage of all massage stations.
Finally, one last piece of advice during winter: remember to remove the snow from your spa cover!