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Tips and advice

Clean your umbrella

Your umbrella, which protects you so well from the sun's rays, is subjected to all sorts of elements, such as the sun, of course, but also rain, pollen, leaves and bird droppings that can leave stubborn stains.
How should you clean your umbrella?
Start by running water on your umbrella to remove the bulk of the dirt and debris. Then dip a nylon brush into a bucket of warm soapy water (mild soap or dish soap) and scrub your parasol. It is recommended to do a cleaning test on a less visible part of your umbrella to ensure that the product you are using will not damage it. Then rinse thoroughly.
To protect the ribs, you can lightly coat them with car wax, avoiding the canvas of your umbrella.
By following these few tips, you should succeed in extending the life of your umbrella!
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