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Tips and advice

Tips for a stylish garden decor!

Tips for a stylish garden decor!
All you need are garden accessories of your own style and taste.
To obtain an exotic style, first look for synthetic wicker, and bamboo type of materials. Yellow and red colors invoke forest vegetation, and tropical flowers. As opposed to a contemporary style, keep in mind that an exotic style is characterized by a variety of colors and textures.
The contemporary style mainly seeks symmetry, straight lines, and geometric patterns. Color wise, the quest is for overall tones that are more neutral such as black, white, beige, or grey, while adding brightness and color via accessories. Also, stainless steel accessories often complement this type of decor.
After chosing a specific style, look for empty spaces (such as on the garden shed, a house wall, or inside your gazebo) where you could hang a picture frame, or any outdoor accessories. No free wall in sight ? Not to worry, simply set the picture frame on an easel for an artistic and original look.
Moving on to table decor, you may consider ethanol fireplaces, candles, or citronella products to extend your evenings. Don’t be afraid to bring out curios, as they can add warmth for a complete look. Besides, outdoor cabinets are conceived to facilitate storage while minimizing the upkeep.
You wish to add a dab of style here and there, simply look for flower pots of an exotic, contemporary, or classic nature. It can also hold and display a special plant or some of your favorite garden herbs : chive, basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, etc. In addition to being useful, your flower pots will now exude fresh herbal aromas.
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