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Tips and advice

Materials for your patio furniture!

5 materials for your patio furniture
There are several metals used in garden furniture; aluminum, steel and cast aluminum.

Steel is the least expensive of the three, but it requires more maintenance as it rusts.
Bono table - Aluminum
Aluminium is the material of choice for patio furniture because it is light and doesn’t rust!
3-Cast aluminum
Elisabeth table - Cast aluminum
Cast aluminum is a more upscale material that gives a classic look to your yard. Cast aluminum is very resistant and durable.

Lisbonne armchair - Wicker
At Club Piscine Super Fitness, our wicker is mainly synthetic. This material closely resembles natural wicker but has the advantage of being easy to maintain and is offered in a wide choice of colors.

Inca table - Wood
Teak is a wood often used for garden furniture as it is a hard wood that is barely affected when exposed to water. We also have wood “imitations” that have the advantage of being able to better withstand our harsh weather. The richness of the wood gives a warm atmosphere to your little corner of paradise. To view our wood tables click here.

Adirondack chair - Plastic
Gone are the days when chairs were made of white plastic! Nowadays, this material has almost disappeared from garden furniture. It has been replaced by recycled plastics or resin, products that are much more resistant than what was available in the past.

7-Textylene and sling
San Andre chair - Textylene and sling
Textylene and sling are the perfect choice of chair covering for both comfort and practicality as it enables you to avoid having pillows to store. These materials are ideal as they dry quickly after being wet!
Photos are for illustration purposes only. The products, their price and availability may vary from one store to another.