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Safety and regulations

Spa safety tips

Spa Safety Tips
Recommendations :
  • To avoid health risks to those using the spa, never heat spa water to above 40°C (104°F). Keep spa use limited to 15-minute periods to avoid feeling nauseous.
  • Because of the elevated temperatures, spa use is not recommended for pregnant women, young children and people with high blood pressure or heart problems.
  • Do not use the spa when intoxicated or if taking medication that could cause drowsiness. If you take medication, see a doctor before using the spa.
  • Do not use an electrical appliance such as a radio or hair dryer near the water.
  • Hot water is the perfect setting for spreading infections. Do not use the spa if you have open sores.
  • Always enter and leave the spa carefully.
  • Remove any snow build-up on the cover.
  • Lock all straps on the cover when not using the spa.