Semi inground pool installation

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Semi inground pool installation

It takes approximately 3 days to install a semi inground pool. Please note that bad weather may cause delays.

One installation day :

  • Location of the pool and passage of machinery
  • Excavation and disposal of land
  • Digging
  • Installation on concrete block
  • Installing the French drain (auxiliary drain)
  • Concrete Base on the braces (for models oval)
  • Bottom drain in the cement
  • Sand bottom
  • Backfill with sand to the contour
  • The installation of the filtration system and various accessories (heat pump, water heater, running, scale, etc.)
Expect extra charges for :

  • Level differences of more than 6"
  • Saucer depth of over 6"
  • Removing earth and turf from your yard
  • Removing stumps
  • Installing a deck
  • Installing a solar blanket roller
  • Installing a water-heater with a bypass
  • Connecting a gas line for a propane or natural gas water-heater
  • Licensed electrician for electrical hook-up
  • Removing sod
  • Leveling the ground and digging the saucer (4 to 6 inches)
  • Light(s) installation
Now call Lumi-O at 1 800 363-2396 to install the lighting. Make sure you have the Lumi-O contract in front of you when you call.