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Above ground pool installation

Club Piscine Super Fitness installer will make an appointment with you for your dream pool installation. Allow 15 days to complete the installation. Please note that bad weather may cause delays

Installation steps :
  • Preparing the perimeter (compacting dirt)
  • Assembling the frame
  • Compacting the bottom (sand and dirt)
  • Installing the liner
  • Installing the filter system and other equipment
Expect extra charges for :
  • Level differences of more than 6"
  • Saucer depth of over 6"
  • Removing earth and turf from your yard
  • Removing stumps
  • Installing a deck
  • Installing a solar blanket roller
  • Installing a water-heater with a bypass
  • Connecting a gas line for a propane or natural gas water-heater
  • Licensed electrician for electrical hook-up
  • Removing sod
  • Leveling the ground and digging the saucer (4 to 6 inches)
  • Light(s) installation
If you build a deck after the pool has been installed, make sure that the pool is easily accessible in case further work is required. The deck should never overhang the edge of the pool.