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Opening and closing service

Spa opening

hot tub massage 
Club Piscine Super Fitness offers spa opening services. Our specialists will provide you with quality services that answer to your needs and your expectations. Our company distinguishes itself by its expertise and know-how and customer service.
For more information, please contact the Club Piscine Super Fitness store nearest to you.
Here is a list of what our services consist of :
  • Opening and reconnection of the spa ;
  • Option start up ;
  • Filling spa ;
  • Start and verification the spa ;
  • Remove protections ;
  • Starting hoses and piping ;
  • Pump installation ;
  • Jets installation ;
  • Pillows and accessories installation ;
  • Check dry run (if access to the circuit breaker) ;
  • Starting salt system or chlorinator ;
  • Starting Nature2 purifier and cartridges ;
  • Cleaning spa.