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Health Briefs


Besides eating 3 regular daily meals, are you aware of the importance of having 2 to 4 snacks per day, depending on how active you are?
Not only do snacks help you meet the Food Guide’s recommended daily servings, they also help better control blood sugar levels as well as keep your energy level up.
The best snacks are those that can provide you with the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and proteins based on your level of physical activity.
For those more physically active, quick energy can be obtained from snacks with a slightly higher carbohydrate, as opposed to protein predominance. Proteins are essential in this mixt though, since they help keep your body going longer.
On the other end, should you maintain a medium to low level of physical activity, snacks with a higher concentration of proteins than carbohydrates will help build your energy reserves, while keep you from overeating at your next meal.
However, a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon is recommended for everyone. The evening snack is optional, while being recommended to avoid extreme early morning hunger, but is essential for those doing some physical activity or training in the evening in order to replenish some lost energy.
A planned snack is also a great way to help reduce temptation, and thus avoid sweets or junk food cravings, and other treats.
Having healthy daily snacks is a good habit for everyone to get into; adults, teenagers, as well as for your school-age children!