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Health Briefs

Spa Benefits

Spa Benefits
Spa can bring hours of pleasure and relaxation, it also brings many benefits to our body and health, it is a natural remedy!

The origins of the spa
For centuries many cultures took hot bath together. Roman use to fill out their tubs with hot water, and hundreds of people came to socialize. In Japan, the hot baths are called Ofuros, and are part of family traditions for many years.

The Ofuros tradition has inspired the Americans only at the beginning of the century.

In California, it was in the 60s that the Spa revolution came to life! To relieve their son arthritis pain, the Jacuzzi family thought of adding massage jets action to the hot water.
Good for the sleep
When the water temperature is between 33°C and 37°C, it lowers the body temperature which will help you to sleep better.
Good for relaxation
Spa session should last between 15 to 30 minutes to be beneficial, about 5 minutes per station.

The hot water combined with the action of the jets help blood circulation and remove excess lactic acid deposit on the muscles after a physical effort. In addition, submerged in water our body is much lighter. The pressure on the muscles and joints then relaxes, increasing the feeling of a complete relaxation.
Good for Arthritis
The high temperature of the water helps relieve pain associated with arthritis.

Some positive actions:

  • Reduce swelling of the joints while warming them up;
  • Ease the collagen tissue which improves their mobility;
  • Stimulate the production of an hormone pain: endorphins;
  • Improve range of motions.
Good for Diabetes
Did you know the majority of diabetics (90% of case) suffer from type 2 diabetes?

For them, regular spa sessions reduce blood glucose (blood sugar) in the blood.

Finally, by reducing the blood circulation, the use of the Spa can also relieve varicose veins, inflammations, rheumatism, cellulite, backache and stress.