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Health Briefs


Working :
Chromotherapy and heliotherapy (solar radiation therapy) have played an important role in traditional medicines in India, China and Greece.
Chromotherapy uses different colors of light to help calm and rejuvenate your mind. Your body reacts to specific colors in a positive way, helping to reduce pain and life 's everyday stresses.
For each element of matter, there is a specific energy vibratory frequency that corresponds to a well-defined color. The developments of physics made it possible to affirm that the luminous photons are nutritive particles of the life (without sun no life!). The impact of color and light radiation directly influences the behavior of cells and the neuro-vegetative nervous system.
Applications :
The prescription of colored light is particularly indicated in the following cases:
  • Regularization of the energy in a body ;
  • Mood instability ;
  • Irritability ;
  • Decreased energy ;
  • Tiredness ;
  • Depression ;
  • Anxiety ;
  • Sadness ;
  • Disruption of the sleep wake cycle ;
  • And much more!
Colors :
Some colors, like warm colors, enhance the energy flow. Other colors, like cold colors, slow this flow. Neutral colors have the particularity to clean and drain the energy, then the mix colors are regenerating and nourishing.
  • Red : arouses passion and a strong desire for change.
  • Green :creates a feeling of satisfaction to live in the moment.
  • Blue : inspire a sense of tranquility, serenity and contentment.
  • Violet : raises a desire for privacy.
  • Turquoise : enhances the balance between rationality and emotionality.
  • Purple : develops creativity and artistic taste.
  • Orange : brings warmth and friendliness.
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