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Health Briefs

Exercises in the office

Sitting on a chair all day? Here are some exercises and stretches to do to stretch your body.
Thighs and abdominals :
Sitting position, back straight, legs 90 degrees. Contract your lower belly and raise your legs as much as you can, hold 10 seconds, lower your legs and start again.
Variation: put your legs straight instead of being bent.
Thighs and abdominals
Thighs and buttocks :
Squats time! Very simple exercise, you must make the movement to sit on your chair, but at the last moment, go up.
Thighs and buttocks
Oblique :
In a sitting position, back straight, go and touch your right ankle with your left hand while slightly turning your torso. Reassemble keeping your back straight and make the other side.
Arms :
Take a break from your computer and stretch your arms on each side of you, parallel to the ground. Make small rotations forward 10 seconds and backward another 10 seconds.
Extend your arms in front of you and make small rotations outwards 10 seconds and inwards 10 seconds.
Stretch your arms upwards and repeat the rotations!
Stretching :
Back straight, slowly turn your torso as far as possible to the right then to the left.
One of the most important member, your hands ... Join one finger after the other with the thumb or even better, under your thumb.
Now the triceps. Raise your arm over your head and bend your elbow to bring your hand to your back. With the other hand, grab your elbow that is in the air and pull slightly to accentuate the stretch.
Extra: Chair Yoga
Here is a modified version of the sun salutation, to do from your chair.
exercices yoga