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Health Briefs


We all know that breathing is essential for living. But is your breathing ideal? Being aware of how to breathe has many positive effects to consider!
Adopting a conscious breathing will have many benefits on your body. It will ease the elimination of toxins, ease the healing process, rejuvenate your tissues and slow your pulse, in addition of helping relieve problems such as chronic tiredness, anxiety, stress or anger. A complete breathing can even double the quantity of fat burned by your organism.
A majority of people breathe the wrong way. In deed, they breathe with the mouth, with the upper chest, by inflating the stomach while inhaling and deflating it while exhaling, without using their diaphragm and ribs, in a arrhythmic manner or by holding their breath.
Lets be more conscious about those bad habits and apply from now on the necessary changes to take full advantage of a good way to breathe. Take a deep breath… and start !
Here is a good exercise that will help you improve the way you breathe: lay on your back and put your hands on your stomach. While always breathing with your nose, you must feel your stomach inflate when you inhale and deflate when you exhale. Repeat the whole exercise a few times.
While you are training, it’s also important to breathe the right way to avoid cramps and muscular pain. During your effort, take a constant and regular breathing, don’t be take short of breath. Inhale with your nose to warm and filter the air before it goes in your lungs and exhale with your mouth to eliminate carbonic gaz. An effective exhalation should be two to three times longer than inhalation and be effectuated with your abdominals.