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Health Briefs

Fat burning metabolism

An optimum or a "high" metabolism will burn and eliminate fat from your system readily and efficiently, whereas a "low" or slow metabolism will store fat throughout your system.
Here are some tips that will help boost your fat burning metabolism and promote weight loss now.
  1. Maintain hormonal balance.
    Hormones play a major role when it comes to weight control and fat burning. In order to maintain a hormonal balance favourable to the elimination of fat, it is important that you opt for foods that exhibit a low glycemic index, and eat a snack in between meals. Also, it would be best for your snack to be comprised mainly of complex (whole grain) carbohydrates, and be fiber rich. Consume plenty of quality protein foods during main meals, especially morning and at lunch time.

  2. Fill up your lungs with oxygen.
    Oxygen molecules are the main fuel used by adenosine triphosphates (ATP) which are essential to the production of energy, and thus a key element in the metabolism process. You must ensure your lungs get plenty of oxygen rich air in order to burn fat. This means deep breaths increase ATP production which in turn promotes fat elimination subsequent to energy production. In addition, ensure you oxygenate your lungs as much as possible, and if you can, learn deep breathing techniques. If you simply change the way you breathe, such as going from superficial to deep breathing, you can double the amount of oxidized and burned fat during efficient breathing only. This will also help control stress and emotional ups and downs.

  3. Control stress
    In our modern days, most people face stressful situations. Stress fosters the production of specific hormones that negatively affect the elimination of body fat.

    The greater the amount of stress, the greater the amount of fat you will store and thus the greater the weight gain. On the other hand, someone with little or no stress, or one that knows how to completely control stress will metabolize excess fat most efficiently, and consequently will lose weight more easily.

    The best way to control stress is to use relaxation techniques, and to take slow deep breaths on a regular basis. Deep breaths enable you to fully oxygenate your lungs, and to burn fat more readily. Knowing how to control stress is vital to a successful weight loss program.

  4. Regularly expose yourself to sunlight.
    Light has a direct affect on our system’s metabolism. It’s a cue for our system to burn fat, and to prepare for physical activity. On the other hand, darkness alerts our system of a slow down, a resting period, and compels our system to hold fat for future energy demands. Exposure to the sun also enhances vitamin D production which plays an indirect role in fat burning metabolism.

  5. Do not forget to drink plenty of water!
    Water is our body’s most important nutrient, and makes up to 75% of our total body weight. Without water, the fat elimination slows down and appetite increases. Drink cold water – a study showed that drinking 500 ml (17 oz) of ice cold water increases one’s metabolism by 30% over a 90 minute period.

  6. At night, allow yourself plenty of time to get enough deep sleep.
    Research shows that lack of sleep affects the production of leptin, a hormone that controls appetite. The study, which was conducted among 1000 people, revealed that a less than adequate amount of sound sleep increases weight and body mass in proportion to the lack of sound sleep. Therefore, in order to loose weight, grant yourself some extra sleep time.

Source: Virtuo Gym -