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Health Briefs

6 Tips to lose weight

The word diet has a certain «temporary» connotation which provides only short lasting results. Instead of undertaking a very «restrictive» diet, make small gardual changes in your eating habits, lifestyle, and physical activities. Here are some simple and easy steps to follow which will help you maintain or lose weight!
Get some sleep
Plenty of sleep is the secret to good health. Your body can burn up to 60 calories per hour while you sleep. Have a good night rest!
Veggies and more veggies!
Eat veggies to your heart’s content in all different colors, and shapes, be it raw, cooked, or as a creamy soup. In addition to being excellent for your health, they will help cut down cravings! Keep them close at hand.
Manger des légumes
Laugh your heart out
Laughing is one of the best «remedies» for so many ailments. Studies show that individuals who laugh throughout the day burn on average 20 percent more calories than other people. In addition, laughing is a great stress reliever!
Spice up your food
Sprinkle some spices on your vegetables. Spices activate the liver’s bile acid secretion. This process plays an important role in the digestion and absorption of fat. Cayenne pepper and tumeric are «thermogenic», which means they increase body heat. Therefore, your metabolism speeds up to compensate the increase in heat by trying to cool it down.
Build your own team
Make your fitness training a social event. Exercising with a partner helps reduce pressure, besides being a nice way to get together with friends. Get your kids, your spouse or love interest, or your best friend and get started!
Get moving!
Dance! Dancing it one of the best ways to burn calories while having fun. Regardless of the type of danse, the pleasure of dancing is entertaining, and thus becomes an enjoyable type of exercise while being fun. Walk! Physical exercise is cumulative. Do sets of 10 minutes on your treadmill instead of 30 minutes straight! Jump! A trampoline for the kids can easily become a mean to spend some time with your little ones!
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