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Water Analysis

Water Analysis

To assure your well-being and that of your neighbors, Club Piscine Super Fitness offers you FREE water testing. We will help you balance your pool or spa water and give you step by step advice on maintaining clear and clean water.

Your Club Piscine expert will analyze 4 key components of your water: the pH, the total alkalinity, the calcium hardness, as well as the total dissolved solids.

  • PH : The pH is the most important chemical factor. It is also the easier to be adjust. The pH is the measure of acid or base active in the pool water. We measure the quantity and not the amount of acid or base. The pH is not the same thing as the total alkalinity.

  • Alkalinity : The total alkalinity is the capacity of the swimming pool water to resist to the change of the pH and to neutralize the acid. The alkalinity is composed of carbonate, bicarbonate and hydroxide. If the alkalinity is too high, the pH will tend to rise always. If it is too low, the pH will be unstable and will fluctuate from up and down.

  • Calcium hardness : The hardness is the sum of soluble calcium in the water of your swimming pool. When the hardness is too high, the calcium may precipitate and cause a cloudy water, stains and calcium deposits on the walls or equipments. When the hardness is too low, will tend to be corrosive creating a deterioration of metal parts, crumbling and stains. A too low hardness is also cause a lot of foam.

  • Total dissolved : The total dissolved solid is the sum of any dissolved organic and inorganic matters in the water of your swimming pool: mineral salt, urine, perspiration, plants and chemicals.

Check with your store to obtain more information on our FREE water analyzes service. Click here to obtain the list of our stores. Our company offers you tips and advice on water analysis of your water.

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