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Residential spa rules

Residential spa rules

As a follow-up to the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulations, please note that hot tubs (2000 liters of water or 529 US gallons or more) are also subject to the same standards as swimming pools. The term "hot tub" is used in the regulations.

Here are the highlights of this new law :

  • For the installation of less than 2000 liters hot tub does not require to obtaining a permit * or the installation of an enclosure. However, the hot tub must be closed by a hard cover provided with a safety device preventing its opening.

  • For the installation of a hot tub with a capacity of more than 2000 liters, obtaining a permit is necessary and the following standards must be respected.

  • A hot tub must, at all times, be protected by a secure fence with a 1.2 meters minimum height. The fence must completely close the perimeter of the hot tub area. A hedge is not considered a fence.

  • A wall forming a part of an enclosure must not be provided with any openings allowing penetration into the enclosure.

  • A hot tub that is installed on a gallery must be protected by a guardrail with a 1.2 meters minimum height. The guardrail shall be provided with a safety barrier with an automatic closing system and a device preventing its opening.

* ATTENTION - Consult your municipality to make sure that it requires a permit for the installation of any type of hot tub, even if it contains less than 2000 liters of water.

Here are some cities/regions where you must have a permit for any type of spa (please check with your municipality even if it is not named below):

  • Rosemère

  • Trois-Rivières

  • Gatineau

  • Aylmer

  • Buckingham

  • Hull

  • Masson-Angers

  • Chicoutimi

  • Jonquière

  • La Baie

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