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Tablets on pool care products

Tablets on pool care products

Do you know what the tablets on our pool care products mean?

  • Adjustment : Increases the comfort of swimmers, prevents eye and skin irritation, improves chlorine efficiency, helps in hot weather, protects against corrosion and scale.

  • Algeacide : Prevents the presence of algae, destroys algae, useful when the pool water is cloudy and green.

  • Sanitizer : Ensures safe water for swimmers, disinfects, destroys bacteria.

  • Speciality : Range of products to improve water quality and safety and facilitate maintenance.

  • Kit : A set of products that help open, close and maintain the pool.

All you need to know about pool water maintenance

  • Filtration & circulation : : 50% of maintenance problems are caused by inadequate filtration and circulation of water, creating an environment conducive to the growth of algae and bacteria. This means more chemicals, more effort and extra costs. We recommend that you operate your pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cleaning the filter is also essential, three times a season, to remove sunscreen, mud and particles that accumulate in the filter.

  • Balancing : Check regularly for the right water balance at home and have a professional water test done every month by bringing us a sample. Poorly adjusted water is equivalent to poor quality water.

  • Maintenance program : Pool maintenance in minutes using the prestige maintenance system. Guaranteed algae free, to be applied once a week and designed to last 12 weeks.

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