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Rules around the pool

Rules around the pool

Setting regulations around the pool ensures everyone's safety. But to ensure these rules are funny and pleasant, use some imagination to display them!

Here are a few rules with ideas to display them in a funny way.

  • Races are perfect in the pool, not around it.

  • Diving prohibited.

  • Horseplay prohibited.

  • Do not swim alone, without supervision.

  • Drinking in the pool (or drinking the pool water prohibited).

  • Eating in the pool prohibited.

  • Immersing others prohibited.

  • Rudeness prohibited.

  • Whining prohibited.

  • Shower or rinse feet before getting into the pool.

  • The pool IS NOT A WASHROOM! There are washrooms outside the pool.

  • Splashing mommy prohibited... but it's OK for dad... ;-)

  • Pick up toys when you get out of pool.

  • Apply sunscreen.

  • Laugh a lot with family members and friends.

  • Enjoy the moment.

  • Soak in the sun.

  • Have fun!

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