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Purchase a swimming pool

Purchase a swimming pool

With a project of this size, there are several steps that must be completed before the delivery and installation of your pool. Club Piscine Super Fitness offers some tips and advice to successfully complete your dream.

Several steps are necessary during the process of buying your pool until the excavation work.

Establish your budget according to your needs and consider additional costs such as pool maintenance, protective fencing, electricity, insurance, landscaping.

Hydro-Quebec points out that the installation of a pool has a significant impact on the electricity bill. To learn more, read our article: How to consume better? and visit the Hydro-Québec website.

Check with your municipality

  • Standards for residential pools

  • The distance between the pool and the lot line

  • Obtaining a permit and certificate of location

  • Rules concerning fence

  • Standard concerning electrical installations

  • Call Info-Excavation to locate underground conduits (in-ground pool)

Choosing pool location

You must also plan where your pool will be located, taking into account the following factors:

  • Exposure to sun

  • Determine the size of the pool and its shape

  • Determine if you prefer a saltwater or chlorine pool

  • The location of the shed and the terrace

  • The play areas and rest areas

  • Electrical wiring

  • Vegetation; trees and roots

  • Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the machinery during the work

How long does it take for the pool installation?

How long does it take for the pool installation?

Our installation team will schedule an appointment with you to schedule a day that is convenient for you to install your pool. Please note that bad weather may delay the duration of the work.

What does an installation day for an above ground pool consist of ?

  • Remove the grass, turn over the soil an level the ground

  • Prepare the pool site, compact the sand and dust

  • Prepare the assembly of the pool structure

  • Make the assembly of the parts

  • Install the pool cover

  • Install the filtration system and the various accessories; heat pump, step, ladder etc.

Extra charge in case of :

  • Particular slope of the ground or deeper digging

  • Remove soil and grass from your backyard

  • Remove stumps

  • Installation of a platform for the pool

  • Installation of a solar roller

  • Installation of a water heater

  • Gas connection for propane or natural gas water heater

  • Electrical installation by a master electrician

  • Installation of a lights

An overview of the steps involved in installing an inground pool :

  • Marking out the pool (we recommend that you be present)

  • Digging

  • Installing the French drain (auxiliary drain)

  • Assembling the panels and steps

  • Pouring the reinforced concrete bottom and shoring up the braces

  • Installing piping, skimmer and water returns

  • Filling around the pool with sand

  • Installing the filter system and other equipment

  • Making deck formwork and spreading gravel to a thickness of 4 inches

  • Pouring the deck, reinforced concrete

  • Removing deck formwork and cleaning the pool

  • Installing the liner

Consult our owner's manual to get all the information you need from the purchase of your pool to the maintenance steps.

Owner's Manual above ground pool

Owner's Manual inground pool

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