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Inground pool installation

Inground pool installation

Club Piscine Super Fitness installer will make an appointment with you for your dream pool installation. Allow 15 days to complete the installation. Please note that bad weather may cause delays.

  • Marking out the pool (we recommend that you be present)

  • Digging

  • Installing the French drain (auxiliary drain)

  • Assembling the panels and steps

  • Pouring the reinforced concrete bottom and shoring up the braces

  • Installing piping, skimmer and water returns

  • Filling around the pool with sand

  • Installing the filter system and other equipment

  • Making deck formwork and spreading gravel to a thickness of 4 inches

  • Pouring the deck, reinforced concrete

  • Removing deck formwork and cleaning the pool

  • Installing the liner

Expect extra charges for :

  • Excavation with a front loader (for limited access)

  • Small equipment for under 11’

  • Extra-small equipment for under 5’

  • Breaking rocks or blasting

  • A load of rocks to help equipment move around

  • Removing stumps that are 12" in diameter or more

  • Water or drainage problems

  • Relocating underground lines

  • Filling in level differences of more than one foot with earth or making a low wall

  • Soft bottom (peat soil, unstable fill or buried stumps) deeper than the height of the panels (42")

  • Connecting a gas line for a propane or natural gas water-heater

  • Licensed electrician for electrical hook-up

  • Protecting your pavement or asphalt

  • Light(s) installation

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