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Aboveground pool opening

Aboveground pool opening

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers above ground pool opening services. Our specialists will provide you with quality services that answers to your needs and expectations. Our company distinguishes itself by its expertise, know-how and customer service.

For more information, contact the Club Piscine Super Fitness store nearest to you.

Here is a list of what our services consist of:

  • Opening the above ground pool;

  • Changing sand;

  • Uninstalling the winter net;

  • Pool ladder or step installation;

  • Pump or filter installation;

  • Lighting system installation;

  • Reconnect your heaters or heat pumps;

  • Starting the filter system;

  • Starting the salt system or the chlorinator;

  • Starting the Nature2 purifier and cartridges;

  • Shock treatment;

  • Cleaning the pool.

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