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Caring for your wooden furniture

Caring for your wooden furniture

NOTE : your furniture has already been treated at the factory with an oil preservative. However, after unpacking and assembling your furniture, we recommend that you clean your furniture thoroughly by removing dust particles, then lightly oil the furniture and allow it to dry.


After oiling, wipe off the excess oil, then allow it to dry in the shade, away from direct sunlight, then wipe it off again with a clean cloth to remove any excess oil that may not have penetrated the wood. Remove any excess oil if necessary.


Sanding is not necessary between these first coats. Your furniture is now protected, but repeated applications of wood oil may be necessary. Before re-oiling, make sure that your furniture does not have no residue build-up. If this occurs, a slight sanding may be necessary. Note: Lubrication frequency varies depending on the climatic conditions of your region and the exposure directly to the elements to which your furniture is subjected.


If Eucalytus & Garga furniture is neglected by prolonged and unprotected exposure to the elements, the wood will fade to a silvery grey colour. Cracks may appear if your frame discolours otherwise, sanding and oiling will be required to restore the wood. We recommend that furniture be stored with protection during winter and the rainy season.


Wet wood must be dry 3 to 5 days before oiling. Do not oil the furniture late in the day when condensation is likely to form or rain is threatening.


All wooden furniture needs to be retightened over time, if it is not done it can cause damage to the furniture. The wood is kiln dried according to strict guidelines. When purchasing your furniture, small cracks may appear, this is part of the drying process of this particular wood species, these cracks do not will not deter the durability of the furniture, as a 3% shrinkage can be a disincentive to occur in this gasoline.


Traces of sap and dust particles can cause stains on light-coloured or Tuscany coloured paving stones if the wood is not not properly cleaned and properly aged, water your furniture and clean it thoroughly before placing it on coloured paving stones.

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