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4 tips when you want to buy a charcoal bbq

4 tips when you want to buy a charcoal bbq

Charcoal cooking makes you salivate? Do you dream of having a good charcoal barbecue that will also serve as a smokehouse in your backyard? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Air intake

Air control for charcoal cooking is a very important element for the temperature control. Ideally the barbecue must have a tight cover and 2 air vents.


A ceramic barbecue is the ideal investment for someone who intends to keep it for a long time. Its lifetime can be up to 20-25 years. A less expensive alternative, steel barbecues. The result is similar to ceramics, at a lower cost.


The best way to ensure good cooking is to control the temperature. To do this, look for a barbecue with an integrated thermometer. You can also buy an extra one, for even more precise control.


For optimal heat circulation, a charcoal grill should be oval, taller than wide.

Be aware that there are also small portable charcoal grills, perfect for camping or picnic trip.

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