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PowerPro J-16

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The Jacuzzi® PowerProTM 16' swim spa delivers the most comfortable environment for both swimming and aquatic fitness. A wide stream swim current is delivered from two easily adjustable PowerPro® PX jets, using the exclusive swim selector control the current can be between 0 km/h and 10 km/h ensuring every level, from beginner to athlete can find their perfect pace.

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  • Seating capacity: 2-3 people

  • Total therapy jets: 2 PowerProTM PX swim jets

  • Dimensions: 186 in x 93 in x 53 in

  • Usable swim area: 112 in

  • Dry weight: 2 560 lb

  • Filled weight:  19 394 lb

  • 3 pumps: 4HP / 2 speeds / 10 Amps / 3,5 Amp

  • 1 pump: 4HP / 2 speeds / 12 Amps / 1 Amp

  • 2 PowerProTM PX swim blades

  • SteadySwimTM buoyancy jets

  • ProTouchTM controls

  • ClearRay Active OxygenTM clean water system

  • FORMTM goggle aquatic fitness tracker

  • Soft stride mat

  • Optional features:

  • 60 amp GFCI with sub-panel box

  • Auxiliary heater by-pass loop

  • Solid state frame only -no cabinet

  • Rowing kit

  • 48" exercise bar

  • Aquatic fitness package

  • 186 in x 93 in x 53 in

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Learn more about the Spa PowerPro J-16

The PowerProTM 16' swim spa delivers use four, three horsepower pumps are combined with two PowerProTM PX jets designed to shred vortex and a additional buoyancy jet to deliver a wide, predictable water current to create the perfect swimming experience. A number of workout programs have been developed to help you with good workout for you; timed, pre-defined or manual workout.

PowerPro swim current jet

Engineered to ensure water is flowing properly, this wide stream jet generates a smooth predictable current with no turbulence for an advanced swim experience.

PowerPro swim current jet

ClearRay Active Oxygen system

ClearRay Active OxygenTM is a new water treatment technology that combines the action of ozone with UV-C rays to increase the disinfection of your hot tub water and reduce the use of chemicals.

ClearRay Active Oxygen system

Shell Design

Best for both swimming and relaxing. Hips in shell stop reflective wave, suctions are located at seated end to create conveyor belt effectfor water flow.

Shell Design

FORM goggles

The FORMTM smart swim goggles delivers realtime analytics on your optical display providing consistent feedback for uninterrupted workouts. lets you analyse results and customise your swimming routine.

FORM goggles

Elite Hydromassage

The perfect mix of air and water at the right position for each exclusive PowerPro® swim jet, providing the best possible massage.

Elite Hydromassage

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