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SwimLife DualStream SwimFit 19'

The Dual Stream Swimfit swim spa is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and fun when you want everything! The dual-temp feature keeps you at peak performance temperature during the most vigorous low-impact workout, while the other side heats up for a soothing, post-exercise soak. Swim stationary laps for a full-body workout, row to work the upper body and arms, or jog underwater for a cardiovascular workout. Afterwards, enjoy a massage with fully-adjustable, hydrotherapy jets. Make the most of your backyard in the largest, most dynamic swim spa available!

Number of people:

Product code: 168007

  • Hydrotherapy seating capacity: 4 persons

  • Total therapy jets: 37 (2 - swimspa, 35 - hot tub)

  • Dimensions: 226" x 93" x 53" (574 cm x 236 cm x 134 cm)

  • Dry weight: 4000 lb (1815 kg)

  • Filled weight: 21 317 lb (9672 kg)

  • Control system Gecko K1000

  • 1 pump: 3 HP - Dual speed

  • 1 pumps: 5 HP - Single speed

  • 1 pump for hot tub: 4 HP - Dual speed

  • Programmable filtration cycles

  • 4 pillows

  • 1 high flow Core Stream swim jet

  • 2 high performance AquaStream swim jets

  • 28 back therapy jets

  • 7 leg therapy jets

  • 2 adjustable thigh jets on swim end

  • 3 swimfall waterfalls

  • SwimLife waterfalls lighting

  • Core Stream jet lighting

  • Underwater LED safety lighting (2 swim spa / 1 hot tub)

  • ThermalMaxTM vents

  • Thermal Shield insulation package included

  • Cover: safety insulating 5 sections cover

  • Shell color: Silver marble / Alpine mist / Pure white

  • Cabinet: Everlast Driftwood / Midnight / Walnut cabinet

  • 226" x 93" x 53" (574 cm x 236 cm x 134 cm)

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Learn more about the DualStream Spa 19'

With a generous streamlined swim tank area and a flat ergonomically designed anti-slip floor, the 19' DualStream spa allows for a variety of fitness exercices. Creating the ideal training environment with a fully adjustable current, you can control your workout intensity.


There are 3 areas that make up a great massage. The jets, the jet placement and the seating. The combination of these three aspects set the industry standard for hydrotherapy in a swimspa.


AquaFlex jets technology

The DualStream swim spa has two Aquaflex swim jets. Their oval design flattens the water jet for a smoother swim. Thanks to the current that can be adjusted to suit the desired intensity of your session, it’s ideal for training.

AquaFlex jets technology

Training programs

Brings the traditional gym workout into the backyard with the added benefits of water. These are low impact aquatic exercises that will deliver a big difference in your overall fitness. Exercises using water pressure in a swim spa puts less strain on your heart by moving blood around your entire body.

Training programs

ThermalMax heat management system

Life does not end with the onslaught of winter. The engineering that goes into our SwimLifeTM swimspa ensures 365 days a year use and enjoyment. The ThermalMaxTM maximise energy efficiency for any season. The heat recovery system creates a convection oven effect inside the cabinet and recovers heat from the motors.

ThermalMax heat management system

ClearStream filtration

Experience the clean, clear micro-filtration system of SwimLifeTM. With its unique dual filtration technology you can be assured that our swimspas will provide you with a clean and safe aquatic experience.

ClearStream filtration

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