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Solstice Spa S620

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Solstice spas offers you a refreshing approach. Wheather it is during moments of relaxation or festivities with family or friends you will discovers the benefits of hydrotherapy. Solstice spas will metamorphose your outdoor decor. Made in Quebec, the spas are specially designed to brave the harsh climate. You can enjoy your spa 365 days a year with peace of mind.

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  • Number of seats: 6

  • Longing seat: 1

  • Jets: 58

  • Volcano jet: 1

  • Dimensions: 87" x 87" x 37,25" (220,98 cm x 220,98 cm x 94,6 cm)

  • Dry weight: 820 lb. (371,9 kg)

  • Average volume: 1490 L

  • 2 pumps Aquaflo Xp2e 3,8 Hp/7,0bHp, 240V, 2Sp

  • Cabinets colours: brown or grey

  • 2 RGB backlit waterfalls

  • Easy to use Gecko K1000 Touch Keyboard

  • Chromatherapy with 42 LED points, RGB

  • RGB lighting on 2 corners of the cabinet

  • IKO Save energy insulation

  • Isothermal cover 5''/3''

  • Thermoformed ABS plate

  • Power supply: 240V/60A

  • Water-heater: 4KW

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  • 87" x 87" x 37,25" (220,98 cm x 220,98 cm x 94,6 cm)

Learn more about the Solstice Spa S620

The S620 model is our most versatile spa. It boasts all the features of a high-end spa at a fraction of the price. By combining an extended lounger seat with 6 regular seats, the spa provides a variety of massage options that are sure to please, day after day.


Our engineers ensure thatevery component is ofimpeccable quality andcontributes to your daily well-being. Equipped with high precision mechanical parts, SOLSTICE Spas® offera truly unique hydrotherapy experience you won’t wantto live without.



With their numerous LED light points and backlit fountains, SOLSTICE Spas® offer the benefits of chromatherapy, a therapeutic technique that uses light to soothe the body and mind. The controllers are also illuminated for ease of use.



The ergonomic seats perfectly follow the contoursof the body and the backrest of the extended lounger seats is at a 90 degrees angle, to help you stay comfortablyin place and achieve full relaxation. The jets of our spas are embedded within the shell, for maximum comfort.



In addition to its ease of use, the K1000 touchscreen keypad includes multiple options that make it easy to set and adjust the jets, lights, pumps, water temperature, filtration cycle and other features. The treated display glass is waterproof, giving users full control, even with wet fingers.



In addition to providing easy access to the piping system, the cabinet’s insulation panels prevent potential heat loss in situations of extreme cold. The radiant heat from the pumps is recovered to foster energy saving.


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