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Crystallin H2O

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Crystalline H2O stabilizes pH levels and drastically reduces how much disinfectant you need to keep your pool water clean. The product is composed of copper sulphate pentahydrate which adds to chlorine and bromine the ions necessary to produce a powerful bactericide. By increasing the power of chlorine and bromine you will need less disinfectant to treat your water. At the beginning of the season, you just have to adjust your alkalinity and pH and add a small dose of Crystalline H2O andd you will get a impeccably clear water.

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  • Multiplies the effectiveness of chlorine and bromine without any unwanted side effects

  • Reduce the annual cost of your cleaning products

  • Clarifies water and regulates pH

  • Ideal for pool opening and closing

  • Great product when you will be away for several days


  • 300 g

  • 700 g

  • Provides exceptional water quality and clear

  • Odourless

  • Non-irritating

  • Not damaging for swimwear

  • Efficient chlorine reducer

  • Efficient water clarifier

  • Powerful algeacide

  • pH stabilizer

  • Economic

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Discover the multiple advantages of Crystalline H2O

Crystalline H2O contributes to pH stability and reduces your chlorine additions to your pool by up to 50%. Won't need to buy any more algicide, stabilizer or other chemical products to get refreshing, inviting water that's perfectly safe for swimming.

General use

Weekly use of Crystalline H2O with chlorine or bromine, combined with cleaning of your filter will keep your water more easily soft, impeccably clear and safe for swimmers

General use

Opening the pool

After adjusting the alkalinity (between 80 and 120) and pH (between 7,2 and 7,8) determine the dose of Crystalline H2O to add to your pool and pour the dose into your skimmer. Then dilute an additional dose in hot water that will pour all over the water of your pool. A double dose is only required when opening and closing your pool.

Opening the pool

If wou will be away

Just before leaving, add chlorine and make sure the alkalinity and pH levels are where they should be. Double the regular dose of Crystalline H2O. The product should help keep your water clear for up to two weeks.

If wou will be away

Heated pool

Regardless of the size of your small heated pool (up to approximately 2 000 liters, just add 2 g to the skimmer twice a week. Maintain the level of free chlorine at no less than 1 mg/l. Double dose when opening your pool at the beginning of the season or when you change the water.

Heated pool

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