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Bauval filtration glass

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Glass grain has a high filtration capacity and can also reduce chlorine and algaecide consumption. 100% Recycled product.

No.: 172952 | Vendor Item No.: 149-9


  • Sanitizer for clean water

  • Non-porous glass grain

  • Water pollution does not stick to the glass grain

  • Grain size: 10 à 20 mesh

  • Filtration capacity: 15 microns

  • Color: green

  • Grain shape: angular

  • Insoluble

  • Sac de 19 kg (42 lb)

  • Glass grains are lighter than sand, so the quantity required is less

  • Reduces the need for chlorine and algaecide

  • Reduces the number of backwash and their duration

  • Gives a second life to glass

  • Respects the standards of the pool filter manufacturers

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