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From Ontario to the Atlantic provinces by way of the Northeastern United States, Tech-Mix distributes its know-how and products to more than 1,200 customers, cities and government departments.  Since 1985, Tech-Mix - division BAUVAL Inc., has been developing and marketing innovative, high-performance products for use in the specialized fields of pool filtration, road and building maintenance and repair, as well as sandblasting and de-icing.  Tech-Mix owns and operates a mixing and bagging service that not only packages Tech-Mix and BauVal’s products, but also the products of partners and clients.

Located in the Montérégie region, the company can count on a highly skilled analysis and research laboratory.  Thru a rigorous quality control, from product development to production, Tech-Mix analyzes every product to ensure it meets the market required specifications and performance criteria.  Its knowledgeable and experienced team is constantly focused on ensuring clients’ complete satisfaction.

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